Staff Mess (canteen)

A facelift

Some modest funding was provided in 2023 to allow a team of staff and volunteers to give the place a lick of paint and some new curtains. 

One year we were given free space in a shipping container and the Borders General Hospital had a clear out of a surplus of kitchenware. It took some months to reach Zambia but caused great rejoicing with the wide variety of pots, pans etc

The menu

The beauty of a trip to Zambia is the unexpected cuisine. Just about every Zambian will have at least one portion of nshima per day - finely ground corn meal, call served piping hot in lumps with vegetables (and sometimes meat/fish) and eaten with the hands. It is an acquired taste! Fried caterpillars are a good source of protein. The catering staff however know not to push the boundaries too much for the delicate European stomachs and produce wonderful bread rolls each day and more familiar fayre such as pizza!

Remember.... oranges are not the only fruit!

Sometimes the most ugly ones are the most delicious!