The hospital is jointly funded by the Zambian Government and by the Anglican and Roman Catholic Churches. 


The Hospital Chaplains offer much needed support in times of grief, loss, crisis and trauma to staff, patients and relatives. Fr James Phiri back in 2013 was very supportive of the TB project and when the bicycles were delivered to the hospital he put together a service of blessing in the hospital chapel to dedicate their use.


Support provided

  • A public address system to allow services to be conducted outside
  • Books to enable the chaplain to continue professional studies. 


In 2023 when asked what support the Logie Legacy would be most helpful Fr Cornelius said:

Prayers, and any financial support in any way to my church and ministry, we need benches in church and inputs for food security of Christians and other members in our communities.

Rev. Fr. Cornelius Joseph Chalwe

"I often feel hopeless to meet patient needs. But thank God we pray wih them Sometime we wake up without knowing whether we will have breakfast or not. At the moment I am still waiting for my September, October Chaplaincy allowance and stipend up date...... The PA system is a blessing especially that it can work even where there is no electricity. We have been blessed with it a lot. Last Sunday we had our harvest thanksgiving. We had our MP Hon Peter Phiri as the guest of honour, we used it. It was very colourful he gave us K2000 towards the church....Again I say many thanks for your support." 

Fr James Phiri

"We want to assure you that the Board is committed to strengthening its partnership with you in order to attain an efficient and robust health system”.

Bishop William

Chris Faldon with Bishop WIlliam Mchombo, Chair Hospital Board