Laboratory Support

Over the years the Logie Legacy has taken an active interest in the work of the laboratory and from time to time volunteers have taken out equipment including a microscope. It offers vital diagnostic services in the following sections: Haematology, Microbiology/Parasitology, Blood transfusion services, Chemistry, Immunology (CD4 and Viral load determination).

Inevitably there are struggles with old equipment and supply shortages - particularly reagents. The non-availability of equipment for blood cultures and electrophoresis to help analyse haemoglobin restricts the diagnostic work.

In 2017 Luke Faldon, a BioMedical Sciences graduate from Dundee University went to St Francis Hospital to volunteer in laboratory.

Read his interesting report and observations


I would like to thank the Logie Legacy for the support that they provided; it would not have been possible without it. I am truly grateful for this experience. 

Luke Faldon