School of Nursing
Mrs Catherine Phiri Mvula, Principal Nursing Officer

Nurse/Midwife training

The hospital offers about 150 places on courses in Registered Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Midwifery and the abridged programme for Enrolled nurses to enrol as Registered nurses. 

Ruth Magowan, Rod MacIntosh, Marion Preston and three non-Borders nurses (Marcus, Chris & Megan) ran a paediatric teaching module in 2015 as a joint venture between NHS Borders and Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh. A BMA Humanitarian Fund grant and private fundraising was successful in supporting this. It was also possible to deliver of textbooks from Maternal & Childhealth International, based in the Highlands (2015).

Adam Wood, Senior Infection Control Nurse did some teaching when visiting in 2019

Main Challenges

  • Inadequate levels of teaching staff
  • Inadequate classroom space:  5 programs only has three classrooms
  • Inadequate accommodation space - overcrowding in the hostels and no cold room for storage of perishables
  • Lack of computers to enable the students do data search
Mrs Victoria Tembo, Principal Tutor
Chabala Mulongoti , Public Health Nurse Tutor

A wish list!

Chabala is responsible for teaching courses in psychiatry and mental health nursing, epidemiology and research. 

Could you provide our institution with educational materials on various Health Sciences which include mental health and providing a platform where we can interact and share various mental health conditions in order to provide excellent nursing education and nursing delivery skills?