A visit by Chris Faldon, Nurse Consultant, revealed that a football team run by three members of St Francis staff existed to help local youths keep out of trouble and give them a healthy focus to their lives. Many of the team are orphans due to HIV/AIDS and have very little in the way of social support. All too often they have not been able to finish their schooling and therefore have little prospect of finding a job. 

Can you help us?

The club asked if the Logie Legacy could help to secure a full kit for the lads. An appeal was therefore made and Elaine Boland , Nursing Sister at the BGH came to the rescue. Through the Rowan Boland Memorial Trust which supports Borders Young People to access sporting activities she was given two full team kits no longer in use by the Gala Fairydean Rovers youth team. In June 2017 they made their way to Zambia and were received with great joy and the plea was made: "Please bring some boots on your next visit!" 

Gratefully received

"Thanks for the contribution to our football team. The boys were so proud to wear their new kit and played so well in their first game with them! We do struggle from a lack of resources..... no boots, money for transport and emergencies in case of player injury. The team plays such a valuable role within our wider community". 

John Banda, Nurse & Club Secretary